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The Village is named for John Simpson, an early settler and general in the Revolutionary War.  The community grew up around the Norfolk and Southern Railroad, which was built through the area in 1911.  In 1916, a post office opened and in 1918, the community was incorporated.  During its early years, the town was known as Chicod.  During the 1960’s, Simpson lost its municipal status.  In 1975, the Village of Simpson was incorporated again by the NC General Assembly.

Simpson is located in the Grimesland Township, Pitt County.  The Village is approximately one mile south of NC 33, at the intersection of SR 1755 and 1759 and the Norfolk and Southern Railroad.   

Simpson covers 0.4 square miles (235 acres, or 10,256,198 square feet) and is located in the eastern side of Pitt County at 35°34′31″ North, 77°16′43″ West (35.575205, -77.278515).   

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