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Update on sewer system from the Mayor

posted Mar 10, 2010, 1:48 PM by Ryan Butcher
Recently the Village mailed to each household an update of our sewage system progression.  We are well on the way and the outlook looks good.  On March 8th the City of Greenville approved Greenville Utilities to progress with research in adding our sewage plan to their system.  GUC is behind our sewage project so we expect positive results from them.  Grant funding is progressing nicely and is on track with hopeful approval within the next few months.  With the continued support of your Town Hall and the citizens of Simpson I am confident we will be able to obtain our sewage system within the next two years.
Many septic systems in our town are failing.  Public and private residents are continuing to have problems especially on rainy days.  The sewage system will solve, or at the bare minimum, tremendously help with drainage which is also a problem in several areas of our Village. 
We’ve had residents ask when and how we can attract retail businesses to locate to our area.  The answer is simple:  Sewage.  We can and will maintain the quaintness of our Village but we can do that and still progress and grow.  Retail businesses will bring in the desperately needed tax base and enable us to keep our taxes low.  Do you realize that the Village of Simpson has not had to increase our taxes in over a decade?  But the time is coming that without other revenue that is exactly what we will have to do.  We are completely surrounded by new subdivisions.  To meet their needs we must have the proper infrastructure:  police protection, fire department services, ambulatory services, good roads, recreation facilities, sewage and convenient shopping centers. 
We can not continue to sit by and do nothing. It is our responsibility to be to provide for the needs of our community.  We are not trying to compete with larger communities, this is not our goal.  We can not stop progress simply because we don’t like change.  We must face reality or simply be swallowed up by the “big city” and lose our identity.
You, the citizens of the Village of Simpson, have elected me for four terms now.  My platform was sewage for our community and the betterment of each and every resident who lives within our city limits.  I have accepted the challenge to serve you and it is an honor.  I have been almost a life long resident of Simpson and this community is very near and dear to me personally.  A leader must have vision and be dedicated to solving problems as well as maintaining stability in sound finances.  I believe that sewage will only assist in fulfilling the promises I made to you when running for election.  The fact is that without sewage the Village of Simpson will slowly cease to exist.
The opportunity is before us and it is imperative that we take advantage of it while it is here.  With the grants and finances that are presently available NOW is the time to act.  These opportunities will not always be here.  It could be years and years before it is available to us again.  We MUST strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.  The future of our Village depends on it.