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Requirements and Schedule:     


Place garbage inside your 96 gallon cart.  Pull to curb on your collection day by 6am.  Do not put garage or recycling out until day before pickup.  We are having problems with citizens leaving trash or recycling out a week ahead. 

To reduce odor, rinse your cart periodically and seal messy items securely in plastic bags.
Leaf and Limb is picked up every Monday by Waste industries Inc.  No grass clippings, except in bags at roadside. 

The Village garbage is picked up every Friday by Waste Industries Inc.
Recyclable items are picked up the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month by Waste Industries. 
Please move your container from the side of street after pick up.
Village of Simpson trash, leaves, white goods and household items:   

Yard Trash:  All yard trash placed on a tarp beside the street and all limbs cut in 4 foot and no larger than 6 inches in width sections as required by the Pitt County Land Fill.

Leaves: The leaf piles need to be on a tarp in an easy to handle bundle.  Large piles will not be picked up until it is properly separated by the owner.

Call Village of Simpson Office for a recycling bin $12.00 each 
Place recyclables inside your recycling bin for collection.  Place next to your cart on collection day.
The following material may be recycled:

NEWSPAPER AND INSERT.  These should be dry.  On rainy days, put in plastic bags and place on top of other items in the bin.  NO MAGAZINES AND CATALOGS.
ALUMINUM AND METAL CANS.  Food and beverage containers only.  Rinse.  No need to remove labels.  Crush to save space.  NO SCRAP METAL, PAINT CANS, AEROSOL CANS, ALUMINUM FOIL, PLATES OR PIE TINS.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS – PETE #1 AND HDPE #2.  Items such as soft drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent, bleach and fabric softener bottles and cooking oil bottles.  Rinse Discard caps with garbage.  No need to remove labels.  Crush to save space.  NO PLASTICE WRAP, PLASTIC BAGS OR MOTOR OIL AND ANTIFREEZE BOTTLES.

GLASS – BROWN, CLEAR AND GREEN.  Bottles and jars only.  Rinse. Discard caps with garbage.  No need to remove labels.
Holiday Schedules are determined by the transfer stations: (We take very few holidays!)

If in doubt, Please call the Village of Simpson office at 252-757-1430 or check the Daily  Reflector for holiday schedule 
It is our pleasure to serve you. The Village of Simpson Council and Waste Industries.