The Village of Simpson, with assistance from the Wooten Company, has evaluated construction of a sanitary sewer collection system within the corporate limits of Simpson. a septic system survey was conducted on February 6, 2009 by Mayor Boyd, Mayor Pro-Tem Hawkins and Wooten Company representatives Charles Lehman and Gary Hartong. The data showed that need for a new sanitary sewer collection system was apparent – out of the 71 homes surveyed in the corporate limits, 34% of the homes were on lots that were too small to repair the existing systems, 24% had failing septic tank systems, and 17% had raw wastewater effluent rising to the surface in their drain fields. These conditions pose a public health risk to the community as improperly treated wastewater is a source for bacteria and disease. The survey area was taken as a representative sample of the Village. The simple fact is most of the soils within the Village are not ideal for individual septic systems because the existing soils simply do not drain well which can create plumbing backups.

An Engineering Report was prepared to examine different sewer system options and costs of implementation. A conventional gravity collection system with two pump stations and wastewater treatment by Greenville Utilities Commission was determined to be the most feasible option. At this time, the preliminary total project cost for a conventional sewer system is $4.64 million.

To date, the Village of Simpson has been successful in securing grants to construct the project from the NC Rural Economic Development Center in the amount of $1,000,000 and from USDA Rural Development in the amount of $2,079,000. A loan was also offered by USDA RD to Simpson in the amount of $64,000 with a 38 year payback period. Simpson also requested grant assistance from the NC Clean Water Management Trust “Fund in the amount of $1.287 million and the NCDCA CDBG Community Revitalizaion Program for $200,000. Award announcements from these two funding agencies are expected in October 2010.

Simpson’s residents will have an opportunity to approve engineering design and construction of the project in a General Obligation Bond Referendum scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2010. In order to answer the public’s questions about the sewer project, three public information sessions have been scheduled with Simpson’s elected officials and the Wooten Company at the Simpson Town Hall on the following dates and times:

Monday, September 20 – 7 PM
Monday, October 4 – 7 PM
Monday, October 18 – 7 PM

The information presented at each of these meetings will be the same. Your attendance at one of these meetings is highly encouraged. Any questions or comments should be directed to Town Hall at (252) 757-1430



Notice is hereby given; the Village of Simpson Council will hold a Public Hearing August 30, 2010 at
7:00 P.M. at Simpson Town Hall, 2768 Thompson Street, Simpson, NC.  An easement request by owner of parcel #2223, 2718 Hardee Street, Simpson, NC, for a septic tank drainage field of an area 100 ft. X 100 Ft. within the Village of Simpson Park area.  Interested citizens are invited to attend.